Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday July 7, 2009-Dickinson

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Here is a photo of the back yard showing a small section of the uncut grass. See, I told you it was tall.....
I would never have let the yard go to this extreme, and I'm ashamed to show it, but I was told that it would be kept up.
When we woke this morning, it was raining. Not really very hard, but raining still. It rained off and on until about 11:00 and by then we had fixed breakfast and were at the house working on stuff there. Stella worked in the dining room and I worked in the garage. It's slow going because we want to look at and remember everything as we pick it up, some of it for the last time. I;m getting better at just pitching things into the trash, but I still take, longer than I want to decide what to do with it. I cleaned up a lot in the garage today and swept it out, so it looks a lot better. I've been trying real hard not to "salvage" too much but its hard. I did set some pretty good stuff out by the curb so that passersby can look through it and take what they wish.
Stella made some good progress in the house today. Together we filled up two of our four trash cans and since today was trash day, we'll probably fill the other two tomorrow.
After a few hours outside in the heat and humidity, I had to come home and take a shower, I was just too dirty and smelly to go on. I came back in an hour or so and took all of my hanging-all of them! and took them out to the truck. We will take them to a Goodwill box where they will be put to good use. I had to go through everything and make certain that I didn't throw something away that had a law enforcement logo or other identification on it. I will dispose of those item separately. I kept only the better looking shirts and some long sleeve shirts that had been in a back closet. We later took them to the clothing donation box and dropped them off.
We came home and ate some of Stella's leftover chicken noodle soup. The noodles were from Shipshewana, Amish country and were very tasty. I don't know how they make their noodles but they are good. I wish we could find them down here. Since the true Amish don't use electricity, I guess it's unlikely that they have a website.
We still don't miss the television except for the background noise. I did learn that I don't have a warranty from Samsung but will from Heartland and Camping World. Samsung sold the unit to Heartland and they in turn delivered it to Camping World. The year's warranty has run out but my year warranty from Heartland is still valid. Heartland and Camping World will have to prove when I bought the trailer for Samsung to extend the warranty. Or so I was told.....we'll see.
So long.

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