Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thursday July 23, 2009-Green Caye RV park

Today was a stay at home and work here day. Stella worked on her doctor's files and I worked on the upcoming October Heartland rally. We talked about going over to the house to work today but there were so many other pressing issues that we needed to get taken care of, we just stayed here.

I sent out several emails reminding people about the rally and made a list including email addresses of attendees from the April rally to see who has signed up and who is missing. We have reserved the entire front section of the park for the Heartland group and I want to make sure that we fill them. It will be the largest group I have ever planned for and hosted a rally for, so it will be a lot of work.

We will be in Dolores Colorado for the entire month of September, which may make it more difficult for me to coordinate things. I plan to spend a lot of time outside in the beautiful Colorado weather and plan to get some work done there while enjoying myself. We'll see how that works out.

I also worked on our routing to Dolores. I think we have decided to go our normal route through Durango Colorado with the only deviation being to stay overnight at the RV Ranch in Burleson. I am still wrestling with the dates and stops, but we will get it worked out. We are looking forward to going to Dolores. It is such a beautiful park and our site is right on the river. I will add a lot of photos when we get there.

In the afternoon, I got bored being inside all day and went out and cleaned up the front of the trailer in preparation for leaving tomorrow for the Riverside
RV park near Livingston. We will meet Bill and Ornell, who set up this weekend trip and Ricky and Dee. We are worried about Ricky because he suffered a fall last weekend while moving some furniture for their daughter. We hope that he is all right and able to go on the trip to Dolores at the same time we are going.

It was a very uneventful day for us. So long.

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