Friday, July 31, 2009

Monday July 27 thru Thursday July 30, 2009-Green Caye

This has been a very boring week for us. We stayed around here and worked on cleaning up after the trip to Onalaska and cleaning out the house. I washed down the truck and trailer on Monday and Tuesday and got both of them sparkling clean again. I plan to wax the trailer again before we leave for Colorado late in August. I used some Dri Wash and Wax that I found in the garage at the house and it sure makes clean-up a breeze! I intend to use up the wax that I have and then buy more of the Dri Wash for the future.

The house is moving along but it is SLOW!!! We have to be careful about what papers that we throw away because of identity thefts. I managed to break our old shredder but I am thinking about buying another one. Yesterday Stella used the fire pit to burn some old bank records but because it was so windy she had to be very careful to keep the burning ashes from blowing out and setting something on fire that we don't want to burn like out house or the neighbor's house. Its a shame that it has come to this but that's the way the world is nowadays.

Last night I started planning a long trip for next year with the boys. The IRV2 National rally is being held at Williams Arizona which is very near the
Grand Canyon, so I think both of them would enjoy going there. We can take some of the group tours which might save us a little money. From there we can go to Las Vegas to show them the sights there. We would drive up through Utah and on to Island Park Idaho, and Yellowstone National Park, where our good friends Ted and Donna went along with Rick and Brenda. We're sorry we missed being able to go with them, but we had to come back here and work on the house. We would have to fly the boys back from Idaho because it is pointless to drive all that way and come all the way back down to bring them home and then continue our trip after that. I have the preliminary route laid out, so now its up to Kim to look it over and approve us keeping them for that long and still be able to get them back down here in time for school.

So much for this week,

So long.

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