Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wednesday July 8, 2009-Dickinson

When we woke on Wednesday morning, Stella had more Doctor stuff to do, so she worked on their books so she can meet with them later in the week. About 10:30 we went over to the house. Before going to the house, I went to the hardware store and bought some more string for my trimmer. At least now I can cut the tops off the grass with the weedeater and then complete the cut with the mower.

I got all geared up and started working on the grass while Stella worked inside. I chopped on it for over an hour before the heat got to me and I had to come inside. I wasn't making much headway, even using my new method with the weedeater. After cooling off for a bit, I decided to move some of the old deck boards. I moved 20-30 boards that are up to 10 feet long. Try that, walking 2-300 feet carrying heavy lumber in the 97 degree heat! That wore me out more than the mowing had done. I took a long break and decided that I would try to find a professional to finish the mowing. I had a couple of business cards to try. the first had a disconnected telephone number; the second had a wrong number. I went to the phone book and didn't have any better luck. Only two of the five listed in the yellow book worked. One only did acreage and not small residential lots and the other didn't speak English. Imagine that......
I hauled more lumber until I was exhausted and went back home to shower. I told Stella I would come back and pick her up since she was doing so well with her work inside. I went about a block down the street and found a man and his son mowing there. I stopped and talked to them and he agreed to come cut my grass with his large commercial mower. I went on home to clean up and when I returned to the house, Stella said he was already done and gone. It doesn't take long with the right tools! At least now I can keep up with the grass.

We came home and Stella got cleaned up and decided that she wanted to go to Kelly's for supper. We did and I had a great fish dinner called Fish Galvez. It is a fillet of fish smothered in mushrooms, tomatoes and onions and it was delish! I brought a lot of it home with me because I was too tired and hot to finish it.

We just chilled out at the trailer the rest of the night.

So long.

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