Monday, July 20, 2009

Friday-Sunday, July 17-19, 2009-Dickinson

Friday was a very boring day. Stella worked at home for a meeting in the afternoon with her clients and Eric. She began working in the morning and was supposed to have had the meeting after 3, but at the last minute, she got a call cancelling the meeting. We weren't able to get anything done at the house but she did make a little money, so that was a good thing.

We went to Fairfield on Saturday to meet Jennifer and Melissa for them to get the items that they had asked for from the house. There were four big boxes of keepsakes and just general "stuff" that they remembered and wanted. We met at Sam's restaurant in Fairfield, one of our favorite restaurants. There is a seasonal fruit and vegetable stand beside the restaurant and we went over and bought some peaches.

The waitress at Sam's certainly cooperated by putting us in a back room. while not exactly private, when several other patrons left, we were alone in the room. Ian was his usual cute and very entertaining self. I fed him some of my okra and other small bites and he seemed to enjoy them. I am sad that we don't get to see him as much as we want, but it looks like I have another "boy". He loves his Pop.

When we left, we stopped off at Rayford to visit Tommy and Susan who were staying for a month there. They were excited about us having gotten a month-long stay at the Priest Gulch RV Park in Dolores Colorado. They had told us about this park where they have been going for several years and we had all gotten a two week reservation to stay there. Tommy had called to tell me that another friend had to cancel his reservation and I had called the park and extended our stay for the entire month of September. It will actually be cheaper to stay for the month than to stay two weeks at two different parks. We all can't wait to get going.

It rained very hard while we were at Rayford and when we left, it rained on us all the way home. It was a very hard rain at times but we made it without incident. We need the rain very badly, so it was really welcome. The grass is brown and crunchy when you walk on it and there are huge cracks in the ground so the rain is good to see.

Sunday we stayed in and I finally got to watch my car shows on TV. It has been so long since I have been able to watch them but it was good to catch up. We invited the boys to come over in the afternoon to play games and hang out with us. Tyler has started playing golf and of course, Cameron wants to play too. Jeremy bought them a set of clubs and they brought them over in case we got to play. It was very cloudy when we got back here and it started to rain soon after we got inside, so we played a game of Tri-Ominoes to pass the afternoon. We met Kim and Jeremy at the Baytown Seafood restaurant but when we finished eating, the boys still wanted to play golf. Since there's a course next door to the RV park, I agreed to bring them back with us to play on the driving range. After stopping at the trailer to pick up some tees, we went to the club. Both of the boys hit the ball well but Cam hit it further than Tyler. Tyler said that he didn't hit the ball as well as he did the other night when Jeremy brought them over here to play on the lighted course.

It was another nice day with the boys and the perfect weekend for me. I got to spend time with my daughters and all of my grandsons.

So long.

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