Sunday, July 12, 2009

Friday, Saturday & Sunday July 10-12, 2009-Dickinson

Friday was another day of working at the house but Stella had an appointment to get her hair cut. She has been cutting mine for a long time and I have offered repeatedly to cut hers for her but she won't let me. I don't know why....

We went over about 1 o'clock and got started working. Stella worked inside the house and I worked in the yard and the garage. Jeremy had taken much of the deck down, so I began carrying boards to the front yard to be hauled off by the trash men tomorrow. I had a large number of boards out in front on Tuesday when they picked up trash and they didn't get all of them. I guess they'll take a certain number or weight of wood and leave the rest until next time. I put out a lot of boards and went to work in the garage. That working outside in the hot sun really takes it out of you.

We had a lot of stuff out of our old Mobile Scout trailer that we had taken out and put into black garbage bags in the garage to store them in. We had never needed them or wanted to get them out, so I began going through some of the items to see if we can still use them. I salvaged some items and made a small dent in the stuff in the garage. I was pretty worn out from hauling lumber across the yard when I quit about 4:00. I went home and cleaned up and came back to pick up Stella.

We decided we both wanted a Kelly's hamburger tonight, so we went to League City to eat. We had a very nice supper and came back to Dickinson. Stella picked up her Blazer from the house and drove it back here. I haven't heard any more from Jeremy about his wanting to buy the Blazer so I guess he backed out of this deal too.

Saturday was a day of running errands. We had to go to Sam's club to pick up several items and to the grocery store as we are out of most everything. We didn't get back home until after 2, so it was time for a little rest. When Stella put away the groceries, she discovered that the new milk carton was leaking, so we had to go back to the grocery store to exchange it. We came back home and ate supper and stayed in for the rest of the night.

Saturday was a very uneventful day for us.

Sunday we went back to the house about 11 o'clock and got started. Since I had already pretty much filled up the lumber pile, I first trimmed the trees around the front door and cleaned that up, then started working on the garage. I made a lot of headway on the bags in the garage and one side of the garage is completely bare! I am proud of the amount of stuff I've gotten rid of. Some of the stuff is very used, but still usable so I've started leaving items of some use out by themselves in the yard and passersby will go through them and take what they can use. That way, these items won't just go into the landfill but will find a good home and be useful to someone once again.

I came inside and helped Stella with moving some things around in the living and dining room. She has done even more than I have with cleaning out and throwing away, but then she's inside in the air conditioned house and I am working like a dog in the heat and humidity. Don't you feel sorry for me?

We got several boxes ready to go to Jennifer and Melissa's next weekend. They have pointed out things that they remember and want to have and we have accommodated them.

Kim was supposed to have come over and started wrapping some dishes and glassware that she is getting but she didn't show up. Stella woke her about 1:00PM and she said she would over. I called her back about 2 and she said she would "be there soon" but we never saw her.

I went home about 4:30 and showered and got cleaned up. I came back and picked Stella up and we went to Gringo's restaurant for supper. I knew that if we didn't let the boys know where we were, they would want to go eat with us and sure enough, we had just gotten back home when Cameron called. He wanted us to go eat with them at Casa Ole, but I had to tell him we had already gone to eat. We are in trouble.....

We stayed home for the rest of the night and rested up for another day of cleaning tomorrow. We have to take the trailer to Camping World on Tuesday and spend the night there for them to work on the television on Wednesday. We won't get anything done those two days, so we have to work hard tomorrow.

So long.

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