Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Monday July 6, 2009-Dickinson

Today was a run errands day. We got up this morning and Stella made us some delicious breakfast croissants with link sausage and scrambled eggs for breakfast, so we got a good nutritious start to our day. We had to go to Dues Campers here in Dickinson to look for the vent cover for the trailer. They didn't have the one we needed, so we went to Lone Star RV in Houston. They didn't have one either, so we stopped at Holiday World in League City and lo and behold, they had one that looked right. When we got it home we discovered that it wasn't exactly the right one, but it will do for now. I'll call CW and order the right one, so hopefully it will be in by the time we go in for service next week.

While out, we went to Wal Mart and did a little grocery shopping. There were a few items that we needed, so we made the best of it while out. Wal Mart is so addicting, we always find something that is not on our list there and spend more money than we intended to.

After coming home and installing the vent, we went for a walk around the park. There is a Sundance trailer down the row from us that I hadn't seen a vehicle around. Tonight when we walked by, the man was just getting out to go inside. We stopped off and met Domingo Gill, the owner of the trailer. He said he is retired from BP Amoco in Texas City but due to his wife's illness, he has had to go back to work for Johnson Instruments and is working in the same plant and in the same area where he worked before. He said that all the faces have changed since 2000 when he retired but the plant is the same.

We visited with Sid Clinton, our next door neighbor when we returned. He is leaving either tomorrow or Wednesday for Rockport where he will visit some friends. He just retired in April and doesn't know where he wants to spend his time yet. We heard some thunder off in the distance but it never rained. Stella and I sat outside until about 8:30 hoping to see/feel some rain but nothing....
We really haven't missed not having a television. I think it is a comfort to have the noise. We try to keep up with current events off the Internet. I always check the obituary column in the local papers first thing in the morning to make sure I didn't die and nobody told me.

So long.

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