Saturday, July 25, 2009

Friday July 24, 2009-travel day to Riverside RV park

This is a photo of the marina and office at the Lakeside RV park.
Here is my trailer parked between Ricky and Bill's trailers at the Riverside RV Resort and Marina.

We got up this morning and began getting ready to travel to Onalaska to the Riverside RV Park and Marina. It was hot in Dickinson making toe load-up a sweaty job, but it began to rain soon after we got out of Houston. It didn't rain very much but enough to make it messy on the road and of course to dirty up the truck and trailer that I worked hard to get clean.

We got to the park about 2 o'clock and got set up soon. Ricky and Dee had gotten here first, so when we got set up, we sat outside and talked to them. Bill and Ornell arrived around 4 because Ornell had gotten off work a little later than she expected to. While they got set up Ricky and I went to the store and got some fish bait for Dee to fish with and some ice for the watermelon we had brought.

When we got back, Bill was finished setting up, and we sat around talking until supper time. I went in and took a quick shower and we all went to eat at the restaurant here at the park. We had a really good meal and joked with our waitress about opening tomorrow morning for breakfast. She said she would probably have trouble getting in to work at 11 in the morning and could not be here at 6 for us to have breakfast. We enjoyed out meal and the joking with Jenny the waitress.

We came back to the trailers and sat outside for awhile. Dee and Ornell went for a bicycle ride around the park to work off some of the supper. There are a lot of hills and rises in the park and there is another section that they are working on to add more sites. After riding for about 30 minutes they tired out and came back to the trailer.

About 9 we decided to go back to the restaurant to have some dessert. They advertised a key lime pie as well as other desserts, so we decided to try them out. While there, I met the manager of the restaurant and got her to go along with a joke on Jenny the waitress about coming in to serve breakfast in the morning. We couldn't hear what was said, but at one point it looked as if Jenny was quitting because she began to untie her apron. It worked out well, and she ended up coming by our table saying "You're the one who did this to me" and throwing her pen at me (in fun). We all had a good laugh about this and came on back to the trailers. We sat outside until about 11:30 before turning in. It was nice to be back among our friends.

So long.

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