Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tuesday July 14, 2009-Camping World Katy

Today is the day that we must take our trailer to Camping World in Katy to have the television repaired or replaced. The service writer there had insisted that we bring the trailer in to check for any other problems related to the trailer instead of it being a bad television. He had originally wanted us to bring the trailer up there on Friday and to camp out in their parking lot until tomorrow when they would look at the TV and decide what to do with it. I sweet talked them out of that idea and we will bring it today and return here tomorrow.

We made the trip without incident and arrived there about 2 o'clock. I checked in with the service writers and found a place to back the trailer into. We were between a big motorhome and a little Airstream trailer that was being readied for delivery to a customer. I got backed in without too much problem and we got all hooked up with water and electricity. I set up our computer network for Internet service, so we were in business.

We were both hungry, so we went to eat at Red Lobster at the Katy Mills Mall. We both had an appetizer and exchanged some of our food with each other, so we were both full. We came back to the Camping World store and found that the trailer had cooled down very well. By six o'clock, the living room a/c was cycling on and off which was unheard of before having the second air conditioner in the bedroom.

We played on the computers until bedtime and called it a night. We are supposed to be out of the trailer so that work can begin at 8 o'clock, so we need to get a move on in the morning.

So long.

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