Monday, July 27, 2009

Saturday July 25, 2009-Riverside RV Park & Marina

This is a photo of the sunset over the RV park.

When I woke this morning I out the coffee on while I took a shower and cleaned up for the day and went outside to talk to Bill. He had gone back inside his trailer, so I took a walk around this park. My only complaint about this park is the turns to navigate to the sites. The turns are pretty tight and I expect that this won't be the last complaint about this. The three of us are pretty skilled at driving and we all had a problem getting around the corners without running over the curb. The park had filled up a lot since last night, so the word has apparently gotten around about this place. Several rigs pulled in last night with a boat in tow and the marina was busy this morning. When I got back around, Dee was outside and wanting to go fishing. I sat out with her for awhile but went back into my trailer and got some more coffee. Stella had come out and sat down with us and she didn't even offer to go get me some more coffee. Can you believe that?

When I came back out, I saw Ornell outside with peanut, so I went over to chat with her for awhile. We had a nice visit and Bill soon came back out and joined us. Everyone else came over and we all sat around until we decided to fix breakfast. We had a breakfast pizza, covered with eggs and bacon, biscuits and gravy and about two pounds of bacon. It was a delicious meal, and one of our regular things to do when we get together.

It soon got hot so we all went back inside our trailers to get out of this heat. When I came back out, Ricky and Dee were fishing at the marina, so I hung out with Bill and Ornell. We moved our chairs up onto a hill behind Bill's trailer where there was some shade and a nice breeze. We stayed up there until some dark clouds rolled in and we could see lightning in the distance. When it got closer, we decided to go take our awnings down and watch the weather. It got cloudy and the sun went behind the clouds, so it cooled off a bit and it never rained on us, so we lucked out.

While sitting around watching the weather, we noticed a group of people gathering behind the office on a spit of land behind the marina. The girls went over and found that they were setting up for a wedding this afternoon. The people continued to arrive but the weather didn't cooperate. It would have been a gorgeous photo to have the beautiful sunset (that the park advertises) behind the bride and groom exchanging their vows, but it was too cloudy for the sunset photos. In the photo above, you can imagine what it might have looked like if the weather had done them right. Oh well.....

The groom and groomsmen and one of the bride's attendants arrived on the back of a fire truck. The bride later arrived in a long limo that was escorted by a police car. I can only assume that the groom, groomsmen and the one attendant were all firefighters and perhaps the bride works for the Police Dept.

We had planned to cook hamburgers on a grill this evening, but none of us was really hungry. About 7:30 we went over to the park restaurant and sat down to eat. Our meal was delayed because the wedding party was having their reception in a back dining room at the restaurant. We didn't get our food until about 9 o'clock but the food was excellent so it was worth the wait. When we finished eating Bill went out to smoke and I went out to look at a nice custom motorcycle that had been parked there. It was a beautiful bike but I really couldn't see that much because there were no lights in the parking lot. I can tell you one thing, it was loud!

After everyone finished their meal, Dee, Ornell and I went for a walk around the park. We went back to the trailers and sat around visiting until about 10:30. For the second night, Bill was the first to turn in instead of me. Yipee!!

It was very pleasant sitting out at night and early in the morning. There was a nice breeze coming off the lake and there were no mosquitoes at all. We did have a small problem with ants, but some ant spray took care of that.

Even with the threatening weather this afternoon, it was a very nice day.

So long.

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