Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday July 26, 2009-Travel day back to Green Caye

We all got up this morning and sat around enjoying the cool breezy morning. I remarked that we should have been working on getting things put away while it was nice and done our sitting around after getting through with our work, but of course, I didn't get anything done either. We sat around drinking coffee and visiting until about 9 o'clock and then started to work in earnest.

We took our time and left the park a little after 11. We went back the way we had come up on Hwy. 59. It was an easy trip and we only stopped once at the Love's station in Splendora to get coffee and transfer some fuel. I really love this transfer tank, and being able to go well over 1000 miles before having to fill up. It allows us to be a little more picky about where we buy fuel.

We made it home about 1 and got everything hooked up again. I didn't take my sewer hose for just a two day stay and had dumped all the tanks before we left, so the only thing I had to hook up again was the water, Dish and slide the porch back into place. I still worked up a good sweat, but it was much easier to do it this way.

I came inside and was amazed at how cool it already was in the trailer. This Bighorn with two air conditioners really does a good job. This time there was no drama with the television like when we returned from Camping World. Knowing what to do with the TV really makes a difference. I sat around and played some games, read some emails and just chilled (literally) for awhile.

Today was Kim's birthday, so we had to go down to celebrate with her. Jeremy had given Kim a new cell phone, so she had gone to the Verizon to get it turned on. When she got back home, we went to Cheddar's in Webster for supper. We had been to another of these restaurants in the Woodlands and we knew it would be a great meal. We were right and we all enjoyed the time together.

It was a very nice way to end our weekend.

So long.

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