Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday July 1st-3rd-Dickinson

Wednesday we decided to take a day of rest after the long trip. We stayed inside and rested before we went to the grocery store for the first time in some time. We came back home and I got the Dish set up and receiving. Tyler called and asked to come over and of course, we went and picked them up from the karate school. We came back here and waited for Kim and Jeremy to get off work so we could meet them for supper. We met them at Uncle Chan's Oriental restaurant and when we finished, went by their house for the boys to pick up some clothes to spend the night. They are leaving tomorrow for Ft. Worth for the 4th of July weekend.

Jeremy let me use his lawn mower to cut the grass tomorrow while I have the boys to help me. We dropped it off at the house and came back to the trailer.

Thursday we got up and the boys and I worked in the yard at the house while Stella worked inside. The front yard was cut a couple of weeks ago by Cameron and Jeremy but the back yard has not been cut in some time. The grass behind the deck is at least knee deep and very hard to cut. The three of us alternated between carrying old lumber from the fence and deck out to the street to be picked up by the trash service, mowing the front yard and using the weed eater to edge and trim the front yard. Because of the extreme heat, we worked for 30-40 minutes and took a break inside to cool off. We got through with mowing and edging the front and the blower wouldn't work. I brought it inside and worked on it and got the switch to finally work, so I was able to blow off the sidewalk and driveway. Just before we got finished edging around the driveway, the weedeater ran out of line so we didn't quite get through edging.

Stella made some good progress with sorting out the items that Jennifer and Melissa wanted and boxed them up. She also boxed up some items for the boys and Kim so we took it out to the truck. The boys and I were pretty much exhausted so we stopped after about 4 1/2 hours of work. We came back home and took showers. Both of the boys wanted to go home to swim before they left for Ft. Worth, so I agreed to go with them when we got to their house. We had only been in the pool about 45 minutes when Kim and Jeremy got home. I got out and changed clothes and we came home.

Friday we got up and ate breakfast in the trailer. Stella had some doctor work to be done, so we put off going back to the house until about 11:00. I worked in the back yard and Stella continued her work on separating stuff for the girls. I worked outside until about 2:30 and got a lot of the back yard cut. Not only has the yard not been cut in a long time, Jeremy drained the hot tub into the grass, so it has been watered and in places is waist high. This grass is all that I have left to cut now, but the rest has been mowed. I came inside and took a break and Stella decided to take off with me. I picked up a few items to take to storage and put them in the truck. I also loaded up my old Adirondack chairs that we've had for years. They are very large plastic chairs that I love so I decided to bring them over today. I loaded them up before Stella came outside because I know she won't like it that I brought them.

We came on back home and Stella didn't say anything about my chairs until we got here. I unloaded them and set them up outside, but came on in and rested up after working in the yard. We stayed inside the rest of the day.

So long.

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patricefogarty said...

I've seen those chairs, and I've seen Stella throw them out of the trailer door.....and maybe even using a choice word or two. You're a brave man, JJ.