Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tuesday June 30, 2009-Moving day-Terrell Tx-Dickinson

Today was our last day in Terrell. We like Bluebonnet Ridge-it has full hookups, cable and wi-fi but it's just too far from everyone that we come here to visit with. It is a 30-45 minute drive into Garland and Mesquite to visit the girls and 2 1/2 hours to Center. We're trying to find something closer to both families but haven't had much luck.

We took our time getting things put away today to get ready to go. I guess it was a combination of being tired from the long drive from Center yesterday and not really wanting to leave. We didn't leave the park until 10:30 and made good time down the freeway toward I-45.

We decided that it would be a good idea to wash the truck in a Blue Beacon truck/trailer wash because the drought has put a water restriction on lawn watering and car washing. We didn't know whether the Green Caye RV park had rules against washing either, so we stopped and had the truck washed. Actually, they sprayed a wax on both the truck and trailer for an extra $8.00. They both looked much better after.....

We continued on I-45 without incident. We stopped for lunch at Sam's Restaurant in Fairfield. This has become a regular stop for us when we travel this road. I have been stopping at Sam's since I was in college in 1965-66. We stopped at the original location on the old highway when the restaurant was still in the original barbecue pit location. The food was as good then as it is now.

We stopped again to transfer fuel at the rest stop near Huntsville. We probably had enough in the truck's tank to make it to Dickinson, but we wanted to stretch our legs and it was as good a time as any to refill the tank.

Welcome back to hellacious traffic.....As soon as we got to Conroe, we found the usual freeway construction and the resulting traffic slowdown. It was slow going all the way into Dickinson, since we didn't plan very well and hit Houston during the going home rush. We didn't get to Green Caye until about 6 o'clock. The office was closed, but Stella had called ahead and found out the site number where we were pulling into. It was after 7 before we got all set up. I set the Dish up, but we were too tired and frustrated to fool with it tonight, so we just came in and turned on the air signal television. We have 21 channels to choose from, all in digital format, so we have a good selection to choose from.

I talked to one of our neighbors and learned that he just retired in April and has been traveling a bit since then. He has been enjoying himself as we have. Hopefully someone will buy our house soon so we can get back out there on the road.

So long.


Juju and Harry said...

Let Ricky sel it he is good, we miss you guys we want to play see you guys in sept.
be safe

Ted and Donna said...

Looks like a nice park! Why did you choose it over Via Bayou? We all thought you were going home. Any progress on that front? We arrived at Amana Colonies today. We stopped at the Iowa 80, World's Largest Truck Stop. We've all seen it featured on TV. It was comething.
Happy 4th!