Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday February 28, 2010-Hill Country RV Park

We woke and drank some coffee in the trailer, waiting for the kids to call and for us to decide where we were going for breakfast. About 9:30, Jennifer called and said they had decided on the Union Street Station. We went by and picked up Grandma Willie Mae and went to restaurant. There were several people waiting to get in when we got there, but they serve breakfast all day.

This is a very small restaurant with a huge breakfast menu. They have the largest selection of omelets, from the usual omelets to a peanut butter and jelly job that none of us tried. The food was very good but due to the packed atmosphere, the service was somewhat lacking. When Jennifer called to check on this place, they were short and curt with her, but the menu sounded so good, we came anyway and were glad we did.

From there, we took Ian to Landa Park to play and run off some of his breakfast. I'm afraid his Pop and his Great Grandma gave him things that he normally doesn't get like coffee (with sweetener, like I drink) and some strawberry jam from GGM. He liked both of them, but just in case, he was allowed to run and play at the park while we waited for the small train that runs around the grounds got opened up for the day. The weather was great, with cool breezes and sunny skies and we all had a very nice day. Ian enjoyed himself and even got a visit from the train engineer. Ian really enjoyed the train and the park.

Melissa got her first taste of being called "that LADY" by some teenagers. She had said something to a couple of girls and later overheard them saying something about that LADY, referring to her. I told her to get used to it because it only gets worse the older you get.

After the train ride, the kids decided that they really needed to start back home, so after handshakes and hugs and lots of love from Ian, they left. We went back to the house with Grandma Willie Mae. She insisted on making coffee for us, so we had a piece of her special cake that she has made at Christmas. It was some sort of almond cake that was very good. She said the lady that makes it has been making it for her for several years and will not give her the recipe. It is an old family recipe, so she won't share it. I don't blame her because it is very good.

After we had our coffee and cake, we came back home to start getting things ready to leave tomorrow morning. I took down the porch and stairs and put away the other things that are non-essential, leaving out only the basic utilities for tomorrow. We must return to the Stephen F. Austin state park for another park host job there.

So long.

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