Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday August 20, 2010-Alamo Fiesta RV Resort

We took today off. We decided that we have done enough driving, entertaining and sightseeing and we needed a day off. Of course, we did some little things around here, like puttering around outside, Stella washed the sheets off the boys bed and little things like that, but for the most part, we didn't do anything today.

Since we don't have our dish antenna with us and are using the park's cable, I explored around on the television selections to see what there was on daytime TV. Not much, let me tell you. I never got into the soaps and the reruns of Law and Order and even NCIS are getting old. I watched some History Channel today. One show that was on was about the possibility or probability of another eruption of the volcanoes under Yellowstone National Park. When I first tuned this show in, I was attracted by the scenery of Yellowstone, but I soon learned that it could be a very scary place if the right conditions exist. The ash fallout from another eruption would be devastating to the area and the entire country. I was reassured when the announcer said that this may not happen for thousands of years. We'll try to squeeze the park into one of our trips before it blows...

I took a couple of walks around the park today. I can tell you that its .90 miles around the outside perimeter of the park, using my Distance Free app for my I-Phone. This new phone has really come in handy since I got it back in Elkhart IN. I thought I just needed a phone that would allow me to get emails on the road and not much more, but I have really gotten to like this thing.

We'll try to be a little more active tomorrow after this day of rest. Who knows, we may not though.

So long.

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