Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tuesday August 24, 2010-Alamo Fiesta RV Resort

It was another hot morning here, into the 90's again early in the AM. I had intended to go out and put some wax on the trailer, but its just too hot. Stella has been working on her doctor's stuff so we just stayed inside, in the cool air conditioned comfort.

Harry called early in the afternoon, inviting us to go out to eat with them at the Hungry Horse this evening. Of course it took some doing, but I persuaded Stella to go. We were just sitting around when I heard a noise on the glass that we haven't heard in awhile...rain! It began raining about 3 o'clock and rained most of the afternoon, sometimes heavier than others. It was a welcome relief and cooled things down nicely.

It had stopped raining by the time we came back home but it was still cool, but we were all full and just went inside for the rest of the evening. It ended up being a pretty nice day.

So long.

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