Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday August 17, 2010-Moving Day-Rolling Plains RV Park to Alamo Fiesta RV Resort-Boerne TX

Stella and I got up this morning but we couldn't get the boys up until 8:30. They insisted that they could sleep that late, and we could still get away on time, but after they ate their cereal and got dressed, it was 9:30 before we left the park.

We made good time down the road and stopped for a break at a little town named Menard at the Pic N Pac grocery. It had a large parking lot and was easy in and easy out. We all used the facilities and picked up something to eat, when I discovered that they had a good price on diesel fuel ($2.79). This was the best price that we had seen since we left Spring, so I pulled into the diesel lane and filled up. I took 79.3 gallons to go 727.7 miles for a 9.8 MPG average. I am concerned that my towing mileage has been going down, but we have been in the mountains and that has made a difference.

Onward we went, making good time. Until we stopped, we had been averaging over 60 miles an hour, so we kept the pace up. We hit I-10 at Junction and it seemed like we were there, although we still had a good distance to go. When we got to Kerrville, guess what happened? Yep, the Low Coolant light came back on. I thought, after two trips to the Chevy dealer in Colorado Springs, that we had this thing fixed but apparently not. We made it on into Boerne and got checked into the park with me keeping an eagle eye on the temps. Everything was still fine all the way to the park. We got checked in and the boys and I got all the utilities set up without a problem. We started setting up the porch, and while getting it set in place, we had to move the picnic table to the other end of the concrete pad. I picked up one end and Tyler got the other and we started moving the table when a huge swarm of yellow jackets came out from under the table. Tyler is terrified by bees of any sort, as is Cameron, so they both took off like someone was shooting at them. I was right in the swarm and got stung once on the back of my right knee. When I caught my breath, I went to the office with the boys to report the large bee nest under the table. The boys were very hesitant to come back over to the trailer, but I persuaded them to. We met the park attendant on our way home and watched as he sprayed the nest and the swarming bees with some bee killer. The boys wouldn't come back inside for fear that the infuriated bees would attack anything and anyone that came near them. I went inside without any further problems but boys disappeared. I later found them in the office, sitting under the large fans, cooling off. I didn't blame them for that, but they were still not coming back home. I finally got them to come back and they both ran the last 25 yards into the trailer as if they were on fire. They stayed inside because one of them saw something flying around. I didn't think they were going to go eat with us, but they finally decided that they could safely leave.

We went to our favorite restaurant in Boerne, the Hungry Horse. We were all stuffed when we left, but man, was it good! I'm certain that you'll see that name many times while we are here for the next three weeks. I called my good friend Harry and he actually called me a dirty name when I told him where we were eating. He will be here next week, and it will be good to see them. More to come.

So long.

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