Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Monday August 23, 2010-Alamo Fiesta RV Resort

Man, it's hot here! It was 90 degrees at 9 o'clock in the morning! Harry came over this morning and we decided to call a trailer washing service to come out today to wash our trailers. He will wash the roof and treat it, then wash down the sides for $90. As hot as it is, it's worth it. He arrived about 11 and started on Harry's rig.

I had been in contact with our friend Patti, who lives here in Boerne. She wanted us to come over to her house this afternoon, so I was sweating it out over whether the wash guy would be through with our trailer before we left. As it turned out, he just got through as we were leaving. The trailer looks great, much better without all the road grime that we picked up between Colorado Springs and here. And remember it rained on us two days while driving. On the other hand, all the work that me and the boys did on cleaning up the trailer made many of the bugs come right off in the rain, and today it cleaned up pretty quickly.

We went over to Patti's house and had a nice visit with her. She took us out to the Hungry Horse Restaurant, and as usual, it was great! We sat around talking until the restaurant started to fill with the supper crowd and we left. Patti took us for a short ride around Boerne, showing us some houses that she had looked at. We returned to her house again and after a short visit, we came on back home. We stopped off at the Chevrolet dealer and looked at the truck that I liked again, but they were closed and we didn't stay there long.

We came on back to the trailer and I went over the wash-guy's work. I noticed that the emergency brake cable was hanging down from the hitch, so I began stuffing it back up inside. In just a second, I found where the bees have gone! About 50 bees came boiling out and one of them stung me on the back of my hand. Wow, thats two bee stings in less than a week. At this rate, I'm just going back outside. No, tomorrow I'll get some bee killer and take care of those little rascals. I wanted to sit outside for awhile tonight, but after being ferociously attacked by the killer bees, I went inside and propped up my wounded hand.

I later recovered enough to call the boys to check on their first day of school. They said school was pretty good for the most part, but there had been a couple of bad calls by the school. Tyler was not given a schedule for lunch, so he had to skip lunch today and Cameron became confused about when he was supposed to have been dismissed. The teacher dismissed the bus riders, then the car riders, so Cam, knowing that he was riding in the day care van, didn't know when to leave, so he missed the van going to the karate school. Kim came to check on him and no one knew where he was. He was soon found and went home with his Momma. Kim will have to go to school and make them aware of what happened. I can't wait to hear their explanation.

So long.

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