Sunday, August 22, 2010

Saturday August 21, 2010-Alamo Fiesta RV Resort

We stayed around the trailer again today. It is so hot outside, it's hard to get anything done. I went out this morning about 11 o'clock and looked at the thermometer and it was 97 degrees! i played on the computer all day and watched television. We ate a good breakfast and had leftovers for our supper. It was nice to just sit around all day without anything pressing to do.

In the afternoon, I went outside and did some work. I put out our lights after I soaked the ground with the water hose. This ground is just like concrete when its dry and I couldn't get the little plastic lights into the ground without using a hammer and didn't want to risk breaking one of them, so I put a lot of water down and they slipped right in. Don't tell anyone, but I didn't get a permit from the office to wash my truck, but I did squirt some water on the muddy spots and cleaned them off a bit. I don't understand why I need a permit to wash it or the trailer when it doesn't take that much water to get it done, but thats the rule. I found an outfit that will come in and wash them and will likely use them.

We watched football on TV all evening. I even stayed up until after 11 o'clock to see the end of the Dallas Cowboys game. Its so nice to go into the bedroom with the air conditioner working. It is cold in there after dark, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I have some sad news to relate. We lost my good friend Bob Holley yesterday to a heart attack. He lived in a fifth wheel trailer in Willis. Bob was a retired pharmacist and the first Mayor of Dickinson. He was a good friend to me and was very instrumental in establishing the Police Dept. in Dickinson. We went to visit him at his home with Mike and Patrice about a month ago and are really glad that we got to see him. He will be missed.

So long.

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Barbara said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.

Hang in there! The "gang" will be there soon. A lot of us are coming in on 9/2. See you then!