Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wednesday August 25, 2010-Alamo Fiesta RV Resort

We woke to a little cooler weather today. Its a welcome change but its still pretty hot. Again we didn't do anything in the morning but this afternoon, we decided to do some shopping. I wanted to go look at and drive the new Chevrolet truck at the dealership down the highway from the park. The truck drives very well and is a nice truck, but the salesman (Earl) obviously didn't want my truck as a trade in. I had filled out the online appraisal for my truck at two different Chevy dealers on two different trucks and had gotten identical appraisals on both of them, so I had an idea what my truck was worth. When he had the truck appraised, he came in with an offer that was a little more than half what the online appraisal had been. When we began to discuss it, he immediately got an attitude and suggested that I sell the truck myself or take it to CarMax. I told him that I am not interested in doing something like that, so needless to say, I'm not buying a truck from Cavender Chevrolet in Boerne. With his attitude, I won't waste my time with them any more. Their loss!

We went to the Wal Mart this afternoon. We only had a few items that we needed and I mistakenly thought that we'd be in and out in just a few minutes. Stella wanted to replace a vase that holds a bamboo plant that Cam had won playing the games in Colorado. First of all, we shopped and shopped for just the right container. We looked at regular planter boxes, glass planters, all different sizes and shapes until she found just the right one. Then she needed some decorative rocks to fill it up. She looked at the different colors, different shapes. This is not something that should take this much decision-making. I finally drifted away and went off by myself to look elsewhere. I went to the magazine rack, read two magazines, browsed through probably a dozen more, looked at computers, computer accessories, strolled through the CD/DVD selections and she STILL hasn't made up her mind! It's a rock, for crying out loud! The bamboo plant will probably be large enough to make a fishing pole out of before Cam sees his plant again, but we have to have the right color, shape and texture of rocks to make it beautiful. I'll bet that Cam won't even notice the rocks when he does finally see his plant. But at least, I can rest assured that the rocks are exactly the right ones to set it off.

We came on back home and had a sandwich for supper and watched television for the rest of the evening. We did have another quick shower which surprised both of us. We could see blue sky out the windows, but a big 'ol black cloud was directly over us and dropped a good amount of rain for about 30 minutes. It cooled things off again, so that was a good thing.

So long.

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