Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday August 14, 2010-Garden of the Gods Campground

Today was our last full day here in Manitou Springs. The weather has been delightfully cool in the morning and this morning it was a brisk 57. Even during the day, we don't break a sweat when outside. It is a far cry from the hot and muggy Gulf Coast of Texas.

We got up early this morning and went to the Manitou Breakfast Buffet for a huge breakfast this morning. We all enjoyed this place and decided to come here again today. When we finished breakfast, we drove over to Cascade for their cheap fuel but when we got there, they had raised their prices, so we returned to Manitou to the Loaf N Jug gas station/convenience store to fill up. We set a personal record here with a total of $306.50 to totally fill up for the trip home. We burned a total of 157.4 gallons for the entire trip to travel 1953.6 for a 12.4 MPG average. With the trailer off the truck, we filled up twice in Carlsbad and twice here in Colorado Springs. I'm still satisfied with this mileage, but I'm sure a new truck is on the horizon.

We came on back home and Stella washed our clothes before we left and the boys and I relaxed until the middle of the afternoon when we went out to get some things done before we leave. We dumped all the tanks and cleaned out the black water tank, cleaned the front of the trailer and put on some fresh wax, took the sewer hose down and packed it up and took down the porch and steps and put it away in the truck. The outside of the trailer is as ready as we can get it.

Although none of us are ready to leave this great weather, I think the boys miss their Mom and Jeremy and just maybe, they're ready to go back to school, although they would never admit it. We love them as much as anyone, but it is, in fact, time for them to go back home. Stella and I have gotten used to being by ourselves and its hard to get used to two more people in the trailer with us. We will cherish these times with them and hope to be able to take them again. We have certainly made some memories for all of us these past couple of weeks.

So long.

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