Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday August 16, 2010-Moving Day-Corral RV Park to Rolling Plains RV Park, Sweetwater

Today began with rain, which started around 5 o'clock in the morning. It rained a lot, at times really hard and then a soft drizzle. It was nice to sit in the recliner, reading the news on the computer with the sound of rain hitting the trailer. It was nice and cool both inside the trailer and outside, when we went out to make our preparations to leave.

I did something a little different this morning. At the top of my blog, as well as everyone that uses Blogger, is a button for the next blog. I have seen this for a long time but had never explored these other blogs. I figured, what the heck, they're out there for public view and I don't have anything better to do this morning, so I did it. There are many cooking and recipe blogs, several foreign language blogs, a couple of athletics blogs and only a few travel blogs as this one is. There are some that travel by boat, and a couple that travel in a trailer or motorhome. I just kept hitting next blog, next blog and seeing what others write about. It was very interesting.

Stella fixed us breakfast this morning and during a small lull in the rain, the boys and I went outside and took down the outside utilities in preparation for leaving. It wasn't too bad because the rain had slacked up and the boys are getting pretty good at helping me out. Tyler and I transferred fuel this morning. My boy is certainly growing up! It seems like only yesterday that the guys at work were kidding me about having a child's car seat in my police car on the days I had to pick Tyler up at day care.

We didn't get away until 9:45 this morning but we made good time across the plains of Texas. Stella decided that we didn't really want to stop at Post for the night. Since shes the navigator, I let her set the next destination and she decided that we could make it to Sweetwater to stop. We have never been here before, and neither of us could remember if we have even driven through this town, but it's where we decided to stop. She found the Rolling Plains RV Park in one of her books and called ahead and made us reservations. When we got here, we learned that someone new has just bought this place and a new couple are running the park. We had a nice conversation with the new manager and later, the boys and I ran into him and his wife in the pool. We talked about our travels and what we have been doing and they seemed interested. Who knows, we may run into them again somewhere on the road.

Tomorrow's drive will only be about 240 miles and we will be in Boerne. We will be staying there for about a month but sadly the boys have to go home on Thursday. That will certainly be an adventurous day! We will drive over 500 miles that day! We're trying to work out some details for the trip and I will let you know what we decide.

So long.

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