Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Monday August 2, 2010-Garden of the Gods Campground

We started off our first full day here in Colorado Springs to cool temperatures, about 60 degrees. Its very nice to be able to sleep without the air conditioner, although the fan makes a good white noise to drown out any other sounds.

We ate breakfast here in the trailer of biscuits and sausage. The boys haven't been drinking as much coffee as they usually do when they stay with us, but they need the vitamins in the milk they drink.

We left to go to the Garden of the Gods park, following Mike in his new Ford truck. It is very pretty, but I am still a bit leery of any new motor in the first year of service. Once a lot of people get one and put lots of miles on them, we'll see what the reports are. I will be in the market for a new truck soon, but I am still leaning toward another GM truck, either a GMC or Chevy.

The Garden of the Gods is a beautiful park with a lot of rock formations. We only saw some of them, but it was very hot and crowded in the park, so we left and promised ourselves that we will return before we leave to see the rest of the park.

We came back home and rested for awhile before Mike fired up his grill and cooked hamburgers. It was threatening rain with thunder and a smattering of rain drops, but the rain held off until after we had eaten and sat outside for awhile. It is so pleasant here but this park doesn't seem as friendly as many we have been in.

It started raining about 9 o'clock but we were already in for the night so it didn't matter to us. I was kind of restless and didn't go to bed until well after 10, which is pretty late for me. Cam came in again and laid down in bed with me and we talked about the day and what a fun time we have had. He is having a good time and looking forward to the rest of our time here.

So long.

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