Monday, August 2, 2010

Sunday August 1, 2010-Travel day-Las Vegas KOA to Garden of the Gods Campground

We woke this morning and Stella called Jana so they could come over and drink their coffee with us. Since they are staying in one of the cabins, they don't have any way to make or drink coffee, so we invited them over. I set out four of our chairs and we all sat around in the cool morning drinking coffee and talking about our travels. They are going to Roswell today and are thinking about spending the night in Carlsbad, especially if they can make it in time to go to the caverns.

We pulled out about 9:15, which was later than we had wanted, but all right considering we had a nice visit with Chad and Jana. Almost as soon as we hit the freeway on our way to Colorado the dang low coolant light came on. Stella had forgotten to stow the clock in the bedroom, so when I stopped to let her check on that, I turned the motor off on the truck trying to reset the light. It didn't work because the light came right back on. I just continued to monitor the temperature, which was working perfectly, so we just motored on. The boys went to sleep but we woke them when we went through Raton Pass, a very pretty area. We had scheduled a stop at a rest area around Trinidad CO where we transferred fuel and got our business done. that seemed to open the gates for the boys and they wanted to stop at every rest stop we came to. I did stop for them twice but we passed the third stop without stopping. It was only a few more miles to our destination, so I figured they could wait until we got there.

After arriving, we got checked in but I was disappointed to see the back-in spaces. They are straight-in sites which are very difficult to get into. The guy that was sent to escort us to our site wasn't much help. He kept getting behind the trailer, where I couldn't see him. After what seemed like 2 hours, we finally got parked and started setting up. After the boys and got all the utilities set up and ready, Stella discovered that we wouldn't have room for the porch and steps, sitting where we were. We took everything down or loosened it and I backed the trailer up and we got everything done again. Finally, we're here in Colorado and all set up! Hallelujah!!

We sat around the site, cooling off and chatting with Mike. He pointed out the damage on his trailer where he hit a pipe at a gas station where they had stopped. He later put some RTV over the damage and covered and sealed it for the rest of the trip.

We had supper here in the park. They have a barbecue supper every Sunday, and it was pretty good. We came back to our site to eat, and we sat around chatting for the rest of the evening. The boys played outside and actually met some other kids from Dickinson. Wow, small world.
They turned in and went to sleep early tonight and slept all night long. It's good to be here and we're going to have some fun.

So long.

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