Saturday, June 27, 2015

Friday June 26, 2015-Moving Day-Peculiar Park Place RV Park to Gunsmoke RV Park, Dodge City KS

It rained most of last night and continued this morning, making my outside "take-down" chores a bit more of a problem. Luckily for me, the rain slacked up some and with very little to pack up, it wasn't too bad. We pulled out about 9:15, not too bad!

We had heard reports of downed trees, no power for traffic lights and high water in Kansas City but our route took around on the loop, so we had no problems traveling. We have figured out our rest stops that seem to work better. We start out traveling 50 or 60 miles to our first stop, to get rid of the coffee and then go around 100 miles before stopping for lunch. Most of these stops are made at state rest areas but occasionally we must use a truck stop. Either way works well and it breaks up the day well.

The skies cleared and the roads were smooth and we made very good time. We ran into a detour near Dodge City but we followed the signs and made it into the Gunsmoke RV Park about 4:30. We had a bit of an issue as we tried to check in. The three of us pulled in behind a long motorhome pulling a trailer, which blocked the entrance/exit to the park. This created a large problem for two park guests that were trying to leave but found that they were blocked in. One man was highly upset, cursing and yelling at us to move. This upset Dave and me because there was no place for us to move to, and it also upset a lady who was watching her son swim in the pool, over the language the man used. Another fly in the ointment was that the lady in the office (the park owner) was alone, having recently lost her husband. We all felt sorry for her in her situation and apologized but the offender had already left. 

After this settled down, we were escorted to our sites and before too long we were set up and done. We sat outside in the shade of a tree as we planned our meal. We ended up at the Dodge House restaurant, which dates back into the 1870's. The food was good and plentiful and we enjoyed ourselves. We drove through town, making plans for touring the historic district. More to come!

So long.

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