Thursday, June 11, 2015

Wednesday June 10, 2015-Elkhart County Fairgrounds

I slept until after 7 this morning. Three hard days of driving and staying up late with friends last night just simply wore me out. We're glad to be here and looking forward to the rally.

We learned that several people were going to the flea market in Shipshewana today. Tom and Marti wanted to go too, so we all loaded up into their truck and took off. 

Our first stop was at the Rise N Roll Bakery, a famous tourist stop in the area. We all chose items that are full of sugar and I couldn't finish mine. Just too sweet! We moved on down into Shipshewana and stopped at the E & S food store and the EASH store beside it where they sell outdoor tables and chairs and lots and lots of yard art. Marti was looking for an outside bell that Tom can hear when he's outside doing stuff. She found one but decided to look further at the flea market before she made up her mind. 

There was a miniature horse and a large Belgian draft horse, that is commonly used on the Amish farms in the area. The man that had this display was dressed in Amish garb, but he wasn't opposed to having his photo taken as the Amish people are. Tom tried to pet the miniature but was almost bitten. Marti, on the other hand, loved on and stood beside the much larger horse without any problem.

We went to the flea market but didn't find much that was needed. It seems to me that the market gets larger every time we go there, but it was some good exercise for all and we saw many other Heartlanders who were also shopping there. 

We returned to the EASH store where Marti bought her bell, so we did get one thing accomplished! Please don't get me wrong, it was a fun time, spent with our good friends. And Tom left me sitting in the truck with the motor (and air conditioner) running while they shopped, so I managed to get in a quick nap! Naps are always good!

So long.

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