Saturday, June 27, 2015

Saturday June 27, 2015-Gunsmoke RV Park

Today we took the tour around Dodge City to check out their history.

 A very nice monument on the road leading into Dodge City.

The Dodge City Trolley and our driver, Fred.  

 Dave and Tom at the card table with Doc Holiday.

 Stella, Nancy and Marti at the table with Doc.

 My dad took a picture of me on this same train when I was about 8 or 9 years old.

 A full picture of the train.

 There was a "shoot-out" on Main Street.

 The dentist office and also a barber shop.

 We'll all need an undertaker someday.

 Some old buggies.

 Lots of guns!

 Shootout on Front street in 1878.

 The church house.

 More of Front street.

 Marti got locked up! 

 One of many markers on Boot Hill. An unknown kid, hanged in 1876.

Alice Chambers was the last person buried on Boot Hill. Actually everyone buried on Boot Hill was moved to the Dodge City cemetery.

The tour also showed us the huge stockyards around Dodge City that are still in use. They process a huge amount of beef here and ship it out. Dodge City is an interesting place and worth the trip. It was especially special for me because my parents brought me here many years ago when I was a child so it was good to come back.

Moving to Pueblo Colorado tomorrow.

So long.

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