Friday, June 12, 2015

Thursday June 11, 2015-Elkhart County Fairgrounds

I slept in until 8:15 this morning! Everyone says the trains coming by wake them, but I don't even hear them. I hear them during the day, but once inside, I seldom do.

My friend Bob Curry agreed to move my photos from the old computer hard drive onto my new computer, and he came over here about 10 to get started. Stella went to PetSmart with Tom and Marti, so when Bob and I were through with our chore, Tramp and I had the entire place to ourselves. We read, played on the computer and napped at will. Boy, was that nice!

Stella didn't return until about 4 and we began making plans for supper. Marti offered to make tacos, but they had to make an emergency run to a veterinarian for one of their pups, so Stella made us some tortilla wraps. Tom and Marti soon returned-their dos is fine- and we made plans to go out to eat tomorrow night. 

I met Chris, who is  parked across the street from us in a gorgeous Cyclone toy hauler trailer. He custom painted the trailer to match the truck and then had custom graphic wraps made. I'll get some pictures of it and post them here.  I spent some quality time chatting with him. He is a retired New York City PD detective and also served three tours in Afghanistan. He also went through the 911 attack and lost his brother, who was a FDNY member, in the attack. He put a very moving memorial on the back of his trailer. His trailer is the best looking rig that I've ever seen.

We spent the evening hanging out with friends that came by. It is so good to see people that we haven't seen in a long time. It makes the long drive up here worthwhile.

So long.

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