Saturday, June 6, 2015

Saturday June 6, 2015-Moving Day-Bay Colony RV Resort to Sunrise RV Park, Texarkana AR

We were up and working on putting things away around 7 this morning. I had already put away everything outside except the necessary utilities, water, sewer and electricity. I helped Stella for a bit before going outside to knock out my chores. We were actually packed up with the trailer loaded onto the truck about 8:45. I heard from Jennifer and Melissa that they were coming over to see us off and to pick up some family photos that we had. They are going to scan the photos to a disc or CD so we can all have access to them.

After lots of hugs, we were on our way and they were on their way to the beach in Galveston. We made good time into Houston but our planned route soon had an issue. There was road construction on the big ship channel bridge, and we were detoured around to the 610 loop to get to Hwy. 59. We saw many road closure signs and construction sign for various roads and highways, and it began to look as if we should have avoid Houston altogether. It's hard to get out of Houston when you're the 610 loop!

At any rate, we found a way to get on 59 and made good time. We missed a tiny sign for a new rest area and ended up in one of the many truck stops for our first stop. We picked up some good old truck stop burritos, which I love! before continuing on toward Texarkana. 

We stopped at another small rest area around Bivins TX, near Texarkana. It was the perfect stop for me, nice clean rest rooms with two Munzees about 400 feet apart, a good distance to walk and stretch my legs and clear my drowsiness. 

We pulled into our destination, the Sunrise RV Park in Texarkana Arkansas. We have stayed here several times in the past but the place is almost empty compared to last times we were here. We had a bit of trouble when we got to the assigned site and found that there was no working water in the site. Stella called the office but got no answer, so we elected to change sites to the one next door and had good water. It was burning hot today and I don't know when I have sweated more! I was frustrated over the water and the heat didn't help.

Once we moved, everything went pretty well. Stella finally heard from the office and informed them of the change but they didn't have a reason why it didn't work.

We soon got a neighbor, who soon came over to ask for help with his television reception. I went over and helped him change out his cable and after he got his TV boxes and switches arranged properly his TV tuned right in. I really didn't do too much, but his TV now works!

Another travel day tomorrow.

So long.

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