Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Monday May 25, 2015-Moving Day-Alamo Fiesta RV Park to Bay Colony RV Resort

With all the rain that we've had, we were all a bit wary when another big storm was forecast and seen on the radar, so we were all up and packing up early this morning. Tommy and Bill were up and gone by 7 and Ted wasn't too far behind them. We were the last to leave and pulled out about 8:45AM. We had fueled up the night before and were ready to go much earlier than normal.

We made good time down the road and through San Antonio on Loop 1604 to I-10. Traffic was surprisingly light and we made the mandatory stop at Buccee's in Luling for the first stop. I got a few Munzees and Stella picked up some coffee refills and a couple of kolaches for breakfast. 

We continued to make great time and decided to stop at the rest area bear Columbus for Tramp's comfort. Gotta take care of the boy! I gathered a few more Munzees, in fact, all of them on this side of the freeway. There are still a few on the westbound side rest area. I guess that's the good thing about traveling on the same roads.

We didn't hit traffic until we got into Houston, and it was slow going until we hit the Gulf Frwy. We were back at Bay Colony about 2:30 and everything was exactly how we had left it. We had left the porch and steps behind when we left, so set-up was a breeze. It's HOT down here, and I was glad to be back inside and cooling off. We're not used to the Texas heat any more, but we'll be moving north soon.

We dodged the bullet of the heavy rain while on the road, but about 10 it began to rain and continued all night. When I went outside in the morning I had 5" of rainwater in my gauge. There were no problems from the rain but we're rapidly filling all the lakes and ponds. I know the people with expensive waterfront property are thankful to have water at their docks. It's good to be back...

So long.

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