Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday June 28, 2015-Moving Day-Gunsmoke RV Park to Country Acres Motel & RV Park, Lamar CO

Well, our day started well, and I was outside putting things away about 7:30. Everything went well and we were all pulling out a few minutes after 9. We ht the road and made good time, stopping at a little truck stop for a pit stop. We stopped a bit earlier than normal but we are not traveling on an Interstate highway and there are no rest stops so we took advantage.

We hadn't gone very far before we got a call from Dave that he had a problem with his truck. We all stopped together and determined that something had happened to his turbo, limiting his speed to about 55 mph. Dave led the procession in case he had another problem, and not ten miles later his truck started blowing blue smoke with some sort of blue material coming out of the tail pipe. We again pulled over and the blue smoke and material stopped coming out of the tail pipe, so we continued on. Another few miles and the truck again started smoking, this time with the smoke appearing to be running hot engine. We again pulled over at a construction area red light. You may have seen these, a portable stop light with cameras to trip the light change when traffic begins to back up. Dave said that everything appeared to be normal on the engine gauges, so we started off again, this time about 45 mph. Dave found a rest stop that we could pull into safely and decide on a new plan.

We decided to push on to Lamar Colorado, where there is a Ford dealer and an RV Park. It's Sunday so the Ford dealer is closed but we can have Dave's truck there the first thing in the morning, and the RV park, while not a resort, is certainly adequate for a night or two. 

I took a break after writing the above and have more news. Dave went out and found the problem with his truck. It is the turbo hose that blew off. Hopefully it will be a quick fix at the Ford dealer in the morning. 

We rode out to the dealership to get the route and after, we decided to get something to eat. We chose the Mission Villanueva restaurant when Nancy researched them on Yelp. It turned out to be a good choice. Not good ol' TexMex, but decent food. 

We are planning an early start in the morning so we can continue our trip. Wish us luck...

So long.

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