Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sunday June 7, 2015-Moving day-Sunrise RV Park to Hnton R Park, Sikeston MO

We were up early and pulled out about 8:30 this morning as we have 393 miles to go. We heard from Louisiana Chapter Leaders Andy and JoAnna Grimes, who were meeting us tonight in Sikeston. They had just left the Tom Sawyer RV Park in Memphis along with Tom and Marti Mangum, South Texas Chapter Leaders, who were going on to Terre Haute. We would meet them there tomorrow. A little while later we heard from Tom and Marti and after a bit of talking, they decided to come to Sikeston. I'm certain it had nothing to do with our plans to go to Lambert's Cafe. There was bad weather predicted for Terre Haute, and that was their excuse to change their reservation. At any rate, they called and made their arrangements and we were all set!

Of course, we were the last to arrive, having the longest distance to drive. We did have a long way to go but it was freeway all the way and we made very good time and arrived just after 4. We had also been joined by Mike and Peg Finegan and Paul and Nan Lineen, so we had a party. 5 rigs and 10 people!

After getting hooked up, we went in to rest for a bit before the Lambert's van was called to pick us up or the ride to the restaurant. Not only was the ride convenient, they expedite a table for their guests. In no time we were seated and ordering our food. Of course, the first course was throwed rolls for all. Then the pass arounds came out and then our food. We had a great time with our friends and the food was pretty dang good too. 

After stuffing ourselves we lumbered out to the van and managed to climb back aboard without tumping it over for our ride back to the park. We had a short chat about the trip route for tomorrow's drive to Terre Haute. It's only about 215 miles, so it should be a good driving day.

So long.

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