Saturday, June 6, 2015

Friday June 5, 2015-Bay Colony RV Resort

Well, this is the day that we stayed here for, Tyler's high school graduation! In the morning, I did some last minute cleaning of the truck-cleaned and Rain-X'd the windshield and cleaned the inside glass. We filled up both fuel tanks, and I think we're ready to go!

Lots of family came in to see Tyler get his diploma; Jennifer, Ian and Melissa from Garland and Mesquite, Michael, Lisa and Savanna and Janna all from Blessing. It was very nice to get this many family members together and we all met at Kim's house for a short visit before going to Beyond Burgers for supper. since we had such a large group, they were able to get us into an area by ourselves, which wasn't available at other local restaurants. That's all right, they didn't get any of our money!

After  very nice meal, Kim and Ray had to take Austin and Tyler to the school, Austin for the band and Tyler to get ready. The rest of us stayed at the restaurant and visited until time to go to the outdoor stadium. We got there just before the sun went down and boy, was it HOT! We had to get there at 7 to get good seats, so we sweltered on the hard benches of the high school stadium for an hour before the ceremonies began. 

Go ahead and call me a wimp, but I went to the truck soon after Tyler got his diploma. My old bones couldn't take any more, so I went and sat on the soft seats of my truck. As soon as everyone had gotten the diplomas, I came back to the seats to wait for Tyler so we could take some photos. As soon as we got the pictures taken, Stella and I came home, so we can get some rest. We leave tomorrow for the first leg of our journey to Goshen Indiana.

This new computer doesn't seem to like Windows 8.1 and Picassa for photo storage, but I'll get it worked out and make a photo-only post to catch up.

So long.

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