Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tuesday June 23, 2015-Double J Campground

Today we went to the President Abraham Lincoln Memorial and Museum and I want to share a few photos from there but first I want to recap the prettiest and best done trailer that I've ever seen. It is owned by my new friend Chris, a retired soldier who served in Afghanistan and returned to serve as a New York City Detective, where he also retired from. He was working as a NYPD officer during the 911 attack in 2001 and lost his brother, who was a New York Fire Dept. officer, in the attack. More on this later.

It's a 2015 Cyclone that has been custom painted to match the 2015 GMC 3500 that pulls it. 

The front cap of the trailer is all that is painted, the rest is a wrap. The wrap material is also color matched and the whole thing is gorgeous.

The rear ramp is another wrap of a memorial to Chris' brother Mark who lost his life in the 911 attack. You can see a picture of Mark in the upper right of the memorial, the fire truck that Mark drove and a picture of the fire station that he was assigned to. Very well done Chris!

The back side of the trailer is another wrap, with gray and white accent stripes that matches the original color of the Cyclone. Beautiful...

Back to the trip today. Here is a picture of our little group minus Tom who was also taking photo, in front of the Lincoln original tomb and memorial.

A better view of the tomb of President Lincoln, his wife and three of his sons. This thing is immense!

They have preserved the Lincoln home with many artifacts that were actually in the home while the Lincoln family lived there.

 One of the parlors in the downstairs of the residence. This room was very formal and only used to entertain guests. Reportedly, the family seldom used this room and the children were not allowed in it at all.

 This was the family room on the first floor. This would have been the equivalent of a family den today, used by all members of the family. Stella and I did not go into the upstairs area of the house.

 The memorial contained a lot of information about Lincoln's election to office, the Civil War, and of course, his assassination at the Ford Theater. These areas do not allow flash photography and are very dark, so no pictures...

I did take a photo of Dave and Nancy standing with the Lincoln family in the rotunda. The mannequins are life size, so you can see how tall the President was.

There was a very good hologram-based skit on Lincoln that was great! The figures were very lifelike and several people made comments about it. It's an amazing show. If you come to the Springfield Illinois area, it is absolutely worth going to. 

We had lunch at a place called Obed and Isaac's Microbrewery and Eatery that is near the museum district. We all had the famous Horse Shoe sandwiches that were delicious. We were all tired and enjoyed sitting down for awhile, but the food was really good too.

So long.


David Williams said...

Jay, your new friend's story and customized Cyclone would make a great article for Erica's next newsletter.

If not for Nancy and Dave's colorful attire, they would fit right in with the Lincoln family.

TravelTiger said...

David, we did an article regarding the custom paint job in the Q-2 Heartland Highlights. However, at that time Chris did not have the rear door artwork done. We will have a follow up in the Q-3 issue. :)