Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Monday June 8, 2015-Moving day-Hinton RV Park to Terre Haute KOA

We were up and ready to go pretty early this morning. Tom and I went down to a nearby gas station-small truck stop-to top off our tanks. I didn't actually need fuel but decided not to roll into Goshen without a cushion of fuel in my tanks. It only took a few minutes and we came back by the park to pick up the others. We had to wait a few minutes for Mike to get ready, and actually pulled away before he was in line to go. Then there was a miscommunication over a turn, so Mike got onto the freeway way before we did. We caught up with him just before our agreed-upon rest area stop but Tom had stopped before for an unscheduled stop. He soon caught up and after using the facilities and getting our sandwiches we were again off for Terre Haute.

We pulled in around 3:30 but soon learned that we were scattered all over the park. We were parked next to Paul and Nan with Mike and Peg & Andy and JoAnna on the other end of our row. Tom and Marti were on the other side of the park due to some high water in the site they were supposed to be in. We all went to our trailers for supper and met back outside for chats. We sat outside until about 9 before calling it a night. It had been a good travel day.

So long.

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