Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thursday June 4, 2015-Bay Colony RV Resort

Okay, here I am again, playing catch up. We have been pretty busy, visiting with friends and family in the area and I've just been lazy and didn't take the time to make a new post. 

It didn't help things when I had computer problems and was without a 'puter for several days while they checked out the BRAND NEW computer that I bought from Best Buy. I have  14 day return policy and took advantage but accepted their advice about keeping the old one. I changed brands, now using a Dell, again on the advice of the Geek Squad guys that recommended it over another Toshiba. We'll how this works out in the long run. This one's not perfect and I'm having to relearn a different keyboard, but I think in time it will be okay. Like so many others, I hate Windows 8.1 but it's the only game in town and when Windows 10 comes out, I'm told the upgrade will be free. Wait and see...

We were sad to hear that our old friends Harry and Judy plan to sell their trailer. They weren't been able to travel for awhile because of Harry's health and Judy took a job that she apparently likes, so they're gonna put down roots again. Sorry to see them come off the road, but they have to do what's right for them. If you know anyone that wants a nice Carriage "Emerald" trailer, give Harry a call or drop me a note and I'll pass it on.

We have been out to eat several times with friends to a lot of different places: Tookies, Spring Creek Barbecue, Monterrey Tex Mex, Kelly's Country Cookin', Topwater Grill, Center Buffet (oriental) and had great food at all of them. The best thing was the company, our many friends. 

We took the truck and had it all serviced up and ready to go north. We took it back to Ripley's Service in Spring for  brake check. We took our GMC there for a brake job many years ago and got some good work done at a reasonable price. This time was no exception and we were pleasantly surprised at the low prices. We didn't need a brake job after all and they didn't try to stick us for work that wasn't necessary. 

We've got to completely fill the truck with fuel before pulling out, but that's all that we need to get done. Now to get Tyler all graduated!

So long.

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