Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday June 29, 2015-Moving Day-Country Acres Motel & RV Park to Pueblo south KOA, Pueblo CO

Dave and I were up early this morning to take his ailing truck in to be worked on. We were there before the employees opened the doors and Dave was the second one inside. We got the bad news that they couldn't even look at the truck for two weeks, but a check with the parts man showed that they had the part, a turbo duct, that was needed in stock. Dave bought it and got some instructions on how to install it.

Stella and Nancy had told us to go have breakfast, so we called them to give them the news that the part is in hand and Dave will get it installed when we get home. After a good breakfast, we came back home and Master Mechanic Dave had the new part installed and we took the truck for a test drive. Everything worked perfectly! Hallelujah!!

We then went to work on packing up to leave. Since we didn't have much out, it didn't take long to get ready to leave. We actually pulled out about 10:15, very good time! We made one very short pit stop and pulled in here at the KOA about 1PM. Quick check-in and an escort to our site and we were set! 
Everything set up and ready to live n!

Here is a shot of all three trailers with some mountains in the background. Tom and Marti are visiting the Royal Gorge today but we'll be visiting other locations with them soon. Those pesky clouds get in the way a lot up here in the mountains but you'll gt your fill of mountains soon.

So long

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