Friday, June 19, 2015

Thursday June 18, 2015-Elkhart County Fairgrounds

The rally has been going very well and we are having a good time. So many old and some new friends to see! We bought a hitch from friends Tony and Erika and got it installed this morning. I stepped up from a 16K (barely enough to pull our trailer) to a 20K model, which will be plenty of hitch for our trailer and anything we might buy in the future. My friend Tom and Tony jumped in and before you knew it, the new hitch was in place. It's good to have such good friends that can help an unmechanical me.

Soon after getting the hitch installed, we had a club leadership meeting to attend. We covered many topics in the meeting and considered several issues. We had some lively discussions and gave Jim and Julie something to think about.

We were invited to a luncheon put on by the Michigan chapter this afternoon but had made other plans and were not able to attend. We are very flattered and gratified by several invitations from chapters in the north central area from good friends that we made there when we were over these chapters. 

Tonight we went to the Talley's trailer for a beer tasting party. They had asked for people to bring an assortment of beers for folks to try. We drove by the party and were invited, and when we got there, I don't know when I've seen more oddball beers. I tried beer from all over the world but I think my favorite was a Canadian semi-dark brew. Thanks to Malcolm and Val for organizing this event.

Our hearts go out to the people killed and injured in South Carolina. What a terrible thing to have happened in a church! When will this terror stop?

So long.

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