Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thursday June 25, 2015-Moving Day-Double J Campground to Peculiar Park Place RV Park

We were up early to get ready to move this morning. I had not been able to use my sewer hose because the sewer line was too far away, so I planned to back the trailer up so the hose would reach. The only problem with my plan was that it was pouring down rain. It did slack up some but I got pretty wet before it stopped.

We pulled out about 8:45, a very good start to the day. We made very good time with little traffic and clear skies. We stopped for a break at a rest stop in Illinois and for lunch at the Homestead rest stop in Missouri. Marti has just taken up Munzee'ing and I was able to show her how to cap some today. Another Munzer in the game...

We got here to the Peculiar (MO) Park Place RV Park around 4, and that's when the trouble started. Stella ran the rooms out and when she started the living room/kitchen slide, the slide was immediately in a bind and tore off some boards on the bottom of the slide. Of course, she stopped the operation until we figured out what had happened. The slide had gotten hung up on one of the drawer handles. The damage looked bad, but my good friend and traveling companion Dave is a former cabinet builder and expert at repairs and he brought his tool box over and in a jif, it was fixed!

Another problem came up while making the repairs. It was really hot and humid (99 degrees) and because I hadn't had much to eat today, I got light headed and passed out briefly. After a cool cloth on my head and some rest I was back to normal. I had a nice supper with my friends and feel much better. My last medical checkup was just a few weeks ago and showed no problems but I will pay more attention.

So long.

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