Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday January 26, 2013-Retama Village

It was warm enough last night to leave the a/c on all night. I didn't hear it come on but it was on. It sure felt good this afternoon in the mid 80's temps.

We didn't do a lot today. I took Stella to the laundry next door at Bentsen Palm Village to wash up our clothes which didn't take long. When she finished up we came back home to drop them off and went to Wal Mart to do our grocery shopping.

It's really a small world in the RV world. Last year in Pennsylvania, we met a man who had remodeled his trailer and then painted it and his truck the same color scheme. He was parked on the road behind us and I talked to him a lot about his modifications and paint job while we were there for the huge RV show. He was a vendor for some product but I don't remember what it was. He is staying down the street from us here in Mission...
I met a man with a huge Volvo truck that pulls an Excel trailer while we were at Creede this past summer. I talked extensively to him about his truck while we were in the park together, and today I saw him at Bentsen Palm Village. Small world...

We certainly have felt safe here. The Border Patrol keeps a unit parked down the road from us, monitoring a large field. Although I haven't seen anyone that was apprehended there, it is comforting to know that they are so near. Every night I hear the helicopters buzzing around. I don't know if you remember it or not, but a couple of years ago when we were here with Tommy and Susan, Susan shined her flashlight at one of the copters while she was walking her dogs with Stella and our dogs. The helicopter lit them up with their million candlepower light, just to let them know he saw them.

Our events with Heartland begin on Monday and go all week, so I may not be able to post as often, but please bear with me, I hope it is worth it.

So long.

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