Friday, January 18, 2013

Thursday January 17, 2013-Retama Village

Here I am again, playing catch-up. This has been a busy week with friends arriving in the valley and lots of visiting and eating out.

On Tuesday, our Heartland friends Michael and Kelly came over for a visit. They had just arrived from Corpus Christi and of course, their trailer was dirty from the trip. I had just ours washed and waxed and Michael wanted to see the job the "boys" had done on it, so they came to look. We got caught up some with them and decided to go out for supper and if there was time, to drive to Los Ebanos to the hand pulled ferry. To be safe, we followed them to the park where they are staying so they could pick up their passports in case we did get to go ride the ferry but since we were all hungry, we went to eat first. Since they haven;t been to the valley before, we took them to one of our favorites, Martha's Taqueira. We had been there a couple of days ago with our friend Mike and Linda, but we like it so well, and the menu is so varied, we went back today. Stella and I had something different from what we had the other day and as usual, it was delicious. I made it home in time to see my favorite show, NCIS.

On Wednesday, we talked to some of our friends from home, Ted and Donna. We had been invited to meet Mike and Linda at a restaurant they had found, Alejandro's for a seafood dinner tonight, so I told Ted and Donna about it and they said they wanted to go. I called Michael and Kelly and invited them and they agreed to meet us at the restaurant too, so it was going to be a party!

Somehow, we had gotten some wrong information about the location of the restaurant, and since there are three of them in the area, we went to the wrong one, along with Michael and Kelly. We finally figured out where we needed to be and we all came together at the restaurant in Mission. The food was good and reasonably priced and we all enjoyed our meal. Another problem in the restaurant was that they only had booths, and wouldn't seat a group as large as ours. Mike and Linda had brought the other hosts at the Birding Center, so we had a group of nine to seat. We got it figured out and everyone left there stuffed.

We rode over with Ted and Donna and they came inside our trailer to catch up. We have not seen them since last year in the valley, so we had plenty to talk about. It was good to chat with our friends again and we will be looking forward to meeting them again while we are down here.

Thursday, we took care of little projects around here. We found a groomer for Cassie and took her to get all prettied up. While she was there, we came back home and Stella went to Bentsen Palms, the sister park right next door to do our laundry. This is a very nice place but it lacks some of the amenities of a regular RV park. There is no wifi, no mail boxes for visitors to receive mail and no laundry room. It is a beautiful park with very friendly people here, but there are a few things that need attention.

So long.

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