Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday January 27, 2013-Retama Village

We had a very good day today. I did chores around here in the morning and we went over to Alamo to Willie's Barbecue to meet Heartland friends Michael and Kelly & Kevin and Nelly for lunch. We all had a great meal and spent about 2 hours catching up between us. It was a good thing that the restaurant was not that crowded even though it was Sunday.

When we left, the other four were going shopping at the Don-Wes flea market and the fruit and veggie stand across the street but Stella and I went to HEB to pick up a few items. I can't believe how busy all the stores are on the weekend. I have been told that the weekends are when the people from Mexico come over to shop. I have seen a lot of Mexican license plates in the parking lots, so I guess there's some truth in that story.

We came on back home but along the way I noticed a couple of people sitting out by a Big Country trailer that I had been trying to find at home so I could invite them to our events next week, so I stopped and had a little visit with them. They are talking about full timing, so I told them to come to the meet and greet and we would take time to chat with them. They said they would try to make it.

When we drove by the Cottonwood RV park, I decided to stop in to see our friends Corbin and Flora. We caught them at home and had a nice visit with them. We were able to help them get the local television channels by finding the channels on the rooftop antenna. We enjoyed our visit with them but soon came on home.

Our friend, and President of the Heartland Owners club, Jim Beletti and his wife Nancy drove in late this afternoon. They had spent a couple of nights at our friend Bill Sims' house in Port Arthur TX, a distance of about 440 miles. I'm glad it wasn't me making that drive.

We knew they would be tired when they arrived, so Stella made some of her goulash soup and we all had a nice supper. Then she surprised everyone by making a single serving red velvet cake for us. She did very well and we were all full. We chatted with Jim and Nancy for awhile but they were tired and soon went home to bed.

Tomorrow will start our Heartland activities and I am looking forward to them.

So long.

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