Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday January 5, 2013-Oasis RV Resort

Not too much to report since the last entry. We went out to eat with friends and family a few times, I had a birthday dinner at one of the boys favorite places, Beyond Burger in Texas City. This is a good burger joint that is a cross between Fuddruckers and Red Robin. They deliver the burger to you without condiments but with a good selection including three types of mustard and two of catsup, you can build your own burger. They offer everything from regular burgers to exotic combinations, and everything that we had was good.

Birthdays are just another day when you get to be my age, 66 years old, but one good thing came with this one. I can now go back to work and make as much as I want to and not affect my Social Security. I've had several jobs or things I was pretty good at, at one time in my life, so if you're in need of someone that can work from home two or three days a week for no more than four hours per day for a salary of at least $50,000  year, I'm your man!

It has rained and been cold for the last three days! It has rained hard for the past two days, but at least it hasn't snowed. We heard from Pat and Lori and learned that it had snowed enough on them in Kerrville that they built a snowman. I talked to our friend Becky at Inks Lake and learned that it has been very cold there and that some employees that work in the park and live in Burnet came to work with snow on their cars. By the way, I checked the weather in Creede and it is 14 degrees right now with an expected low of -1....Brrrr!

I also learned that one of the hosts that we worked with at Inks Lake had been involved in an accident. He has been driving one of the Gators when he turned around to answer someone that had called out to him and he hit a rock. Apparently he was knocked out of the Gator and suffered a concussion. He was admitted to the hospital but has been released and seems to be fine now.

We found out yesterday that our part that had been ordered has come in, so we'll be leaving here on Tuesday and then for Mission either later that day or Wednesday. I'll be glad to get down there again.

Congratulations to the Houston Texans for winning their playoff game. It wasn't a pretty win but it's a win and they go on to Foxboro Mass. for the next game. After Houston got blown out 42-14 at home in the nice warm dome, it probably won't be pretty when they play in cold Massachusetts. We'll see...

So long.

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