Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday January 10, 2013-Retama Village

This is really a nice place to stay. Everyone here is very friendly and our neighbors came over yesterday afternoon after we got set up to introduce themselves, which I thought was very nice. I went for a long walk this morning and everyone that I met spoke and were very friendly, unlike some of the places we've. The site is immaculate, and I have seen workers doing assorted jobs around the area.

We stayed here this morning because we were tired from two days of driving in the rain. It took a lot out of me and I wanted to rest up a bit, but we wanted to run some errands this afternoon. I wanted some fresh grapefruit, so we went to the fruit stand that we always go to. Man, the area around Donna and Weslaco is changing. It looks more like Mexico now with a lot of dirty lots, dirty streets but brightly colored buildings and stores. Of course, all of the residents are Hispanic. When we got to the fruit stand, the building was all closed up with no cars parked out front and there was a large For Sale sign in front. Bummed out, I drove on by but sharp-eye Stella saw some cars on the side of the building, so I turned around and went back and found that the fruit stand was still open but all of the other shops are closed today. I was told that the other flea market stores only open on Wednesdays and the weekend, so I guess we'll have to come back on the weekend and check it out.

There was one very sad note inside. We saw a cute dog that seemed to be at home there but he had a very sad look about him. We learned that he belonged to the man and woman that owned the flea market and that they lived in a trailer beside the store. The lady had died a few years ago and the dog and his master were inseparable. When the man passed away a few months ago, the dog continued to live inside the store and spends most nights sleeping in his master's recliner. All of the store employees care for the dog now with food and water.  He was just so droopy-eyed and sad looking.... I almost wish we had room for another dog. No Way!!!

We got our errands taken care of and returned home in the five o'clock traffic, but it's NOTHING like the Houston traffic. We returned here and negotiated the front gate for the first time, using the entry code. It wasn't bad but while driving in I felt like I was in a parade, waving at everyone. I told you how friendly these folks are. I really like this place.

So long.

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