Monday, January 21, 2013

Sunday January 20, 2013-Retama Village

Good morning! We had another great day here in Mission with cool temperatures in the morning and warm in the afternoon. When I woke this morning, after reading the news online, I was cold, so I stole one of the blankets that we keep on the couch, and was instantly back asleep. Normal morning routine... I saw 84 degrees on the thermometer this afternoon.

I went for my mile and a half walk this morning and saw many others in the neighborhood getting their mileage in. I miss my hikes up into the hills above Inks Lake state park, the mountain views in Creede and even the coastal breezes of La Marque, but this is a great place to walk. No traffic, friendly people, no bad dogs to chase much better can it get?

We stayed home and watched the football championship games on television today. I still can't get over the improved picture on the TV after replacing the receiver box. Maybe I'll work on a plan to replace the box every couple of years to keep this great picture. I'm certain that it doesn't take very long to jar something loose by bouncing down our roads and I really do like this picture. On close-ups I can tell if the men have shaved today or not.

Congratulations go to the San Francisco 49er's and the Baltimore Ravens for their wins. Of course I'm sad that there are no Texas teams that made it this far, but there's always next season. It's hard to believe that football season is almost over again. After the Super Bowl in a couple of weeks, I won't have anything to watch on a Sunday afternoon.

So long.

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Jill said...

I'm looking forward to having weather nice enough again here in central Pennsylvania to take some nice walks.