Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tuesday January 1, 2013-Oasis RV Resort

Well. I'm behind again, but you're probably used to that by now. We have been spend most of our time with visiting with friends and family while we're down here for a short time. It has been good to spend time with them because we'll be leaving again soon.

I tried to put together a small campfire get together here at the park, but it fell through. On Saturday, I went over to storage and picked up my firepit and brought it back so we would be ready if anyone wanted to come out. I tried to talk to Stacy, the manager of the park but she had called in sick. I did talk to Dave, the new General Manager here and told him what I had planned. He only said to talk to Stacy on Monday.

Monday it began to rain off and on all afternoon. The rain stopped about dark, so I went down to the pool area where I had intended to meet with anyone that wanted to celebrate the new year, but no one showed up. I did talk to another couple that are staying here. They told me that they too had tried to stir up some interest but no one came out. They told me about some of the activities they had planned while they were here but they didn't get much cooperation from park management. They are hopeful that Dave will help more in the future. They told me that Ron Hoover himself is supposed to come out to the park to look at the changes that they wish for. I guess we'll see how that meeting goes.

I want to tell you about Cassie. Is it possible that a dog has mental problems? As those of you that know her, she is known for barking at everyone that comes around here but we thought it was what a Vet referred to as "fear aggression", because she had been attacked by a coyote in our back yard and now feels like she has to intimidate anyone or anything she meets. Lately, she has started hiding or climbing into my lap when Stella starts to cook. For a long time, we joked about Stella setting off the smoke detector while cooking, but for the last month or so, every time Stella goes into the kitchen, Cassie either hides behind the recliners or gets into my lap. She is definitely afraid of something, and I can only assume it is the smoke detector. When Stella comes out of the kitchen, Cassie is fine again.

I guess the main thing is to wish for everyone to have a happy, prosperous and safe new year. We have been so blessed with living our lifestyle and plan to travel as long as possible. Please wish us luck as we near another season of traveling.

So long.

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