Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday January 13, 2013-Retama Village

Today's entry is not going to be about much of anything except some observations that I've made in the last couple of weeks. Yesterday (and today) was pretty much nothing but watching the football playoffs and vegging out. Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers for their underdog wins. I only hope that it carries on to today's games. Go Texans!!

Due to the weather, I've spent more time in front of the television than normal. Have you ever spent time listening to the ads an TV? Would anyone in their right mind actually buy a product because of the ads? I certainly wouldn't. The man playing catch with his son, you may have seen it, the man that throws like a girl and trying to teach his son to throw the ball. That's a Volkswagen commercial. Why would that want to make me want to buy a VW? The well-choreographed I-Pad commercial where everyone dances and twirls around with an I-Pad. It looks really cool and was probably very expensive to make and air in prime football-game time, but again, why does someone dancing with an expensive electronic gadget make me want to buy one? Reduce the price on these items by that much and make it more affordable.

Announcers. No, announcers and reporters. They make some of stupidest statements if we listen to them. One television guy, after a long run by a short player said "when he runs with those legs"... what else would he run on? " Man, you just think I can run on those legs, you ought to see me run on my hands"... A female reporter interviewing someone after some heinous crime. "Tell me what you think Mrs. Smith, after your entire family was killed in that car wreck"...
So ends this rant...

So long.

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Anonymous said...

My 2 grandsons were injured last April 30 and their Dad killed by a Cap Metro train. They were 8 and 5. The idiot reporter held up a shoe with cleats that would be to big for my husband and pronounced it belonged to the 8 year old. Anything for a story, like the facts aren't enough.