Friday, January 25, 2013

Thursday January 24, 2013-Retama Village

We had another very nice weather-day here in the valley. We've been sleeping with the windows open and only having to run the a/c in the afternoon when it warms up into the 80's. Of course, this is a big part of why we come down here to south Texas.

We went out around noon to go give out some more flyers for the events next week and went to 9 RV parks in the Donna area. Man, there is certainly a huge difference in the two areas we have gone into for their reception. When I went to the parks in Mission, the folks there were actually glad to be invited and I visited with a few of them, but the Donna area is quite different. They acted as if they were bothered to answer the door and obviously accepted the flyer only to get me off the doorstep. They would take it and say "we may come" or whatever it took to get me away. 

After finishing up my "chores", we went over to Michael and Kelly's place at the Canyon Lake RV Resort for a supper with them and then a show at the park. Kelly prepared her Mother's recipe spaghetti and meatballs and it was great. Her Mom certainly passed on a delicious recipe!

We walked over to the rally/recreation hall at their park. The park has seen better days and needs some TLC but it holds over 400 RV's and many of the sites were filled, so perhaps the new owners will be able to make the needed improvements soon.

We always make it a point to see the Link Union, which was formerly known as The Link Family. We have been watching this family group for a few years when we come to the valley, and they did not disappoint us tonight. There have been some changes in the group and now the Dad has to work the sound boards, but they are adding their youngest brother and it all worked out. They also changed their act and added more Celtic music and several rock and roll numbers. All in all, it was a great concert and I will be looking forward to seeing them again.

Here is the band onstage, minus Dad and 12 year old John, who has baby-sitting duties for Kyle and his wife Ashley's brand new baby. Ashley was pregnant with the baby girl the last time we saw the group last season here in the valley.

When we got home, we didn't see any coyotes but we sure have heard them every night. They howl and yip all night and seem to be in our back yard, but we haven't actually seen one up close and personal. We'll keep our eyes open and the dogs on a close leash...

So long.

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