Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday October 25, 2013-Inks Lake State Park

We woke to another cool morning, although it's warmer now than when we arrived here. I took Tramp out for some roadwork early this morning. I'm planning on dieting while we're here and also am beginning a new exercise regimen to go along with that. 

Stella had brought some park maps home that needed some warning notices stapled to them to be handed out to guests as they enter. She had done about half of the stack, so on our way to town, we dropped them off at the park headquarters. The girls on duty were very thankful to get them because it is tedious work that they apparently don't care for. 

I have been working on printing some more Munzees. This area has not had a lot of exposure to the Munzee craze and I intend to change that. Stella had been helping me to get them done but we ran into a small snag and had to "phone a friend" and our friends Michael and Kelly came through for us. We got my new supply loaded onto a thumb drive and took it to the local Office Depot store where we got them printed up. I capped a couple of Munzees in town before we went to the HEB store to do our grocery shopping. I cut out my Munzees while Stella shopped. 

One of the Munzees was at the Whataburger store in Marble Falls, so we went in and had a good burger for supper. Whataburgers are the gold standard for burgers and these didn't disappoint. It's good to be back in Texas!

We came on back home and put the groceries away and sat outside for awhile. Stella had worked pretty hard on the stapling job, but it was soon time for her to get back inside and get back to work (LOL), so we put the chairs away-rain is forecast tonight- and retired for the night. It was a good day but I'm planning to do some work around the park tomorrow and start earning our keep.

So long.

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