Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday October 27, 2013-Inks Lake State Park

Saturday night about 8:30, after I finished the blog entry, we got a knock on the door from one of the park guests who reported a 12 year old boy missing. He said that the boy's father was there but was not feeling well and that no one had seen him in several hours. Stella and I got dressed and went to Terry's house to report the incident. Terry called Tony Casanova, one of the State Game Wardens assigned here and we went back to the campsite to begin looking for him. When we got there, Tony was there and taking the information about the missing boy, and he asked me to check the restrooms on this end of the park. I checked three restrooms and then decided to stop at the fishing pier and there he was, fishing in the lake! I immediately knew it was him by his clothing and after verifying his name, I called Terry to let him know that he had been found. We gave him a ride back to his camp and watched as his tearful sister greeted him. I later learned that he had told his dad where he was going to be and his dad simply forgot. I think he was on some medications that may have knocked him out. At any rate, he was returned to his family, safe and sound.

Today was our last laid-back day. We ate a nice breakfast and watched football all afternoon. I took Tramp for a walk and spoke with Betty, another of the park hosts, and told her that since she and her husband are leaving on Tuesday, we would take over their "job" of cleaning firepits. She said that would be fine, so now we are set up! We'll start working on the firepits tomorrow morning. 

I also posted a trip into Burnet for a night out with the group at the Highlander restaurant. We ate there several times last year and the food was very good. One of the hosts from last year, Stan and Cheryl are in the area for some medical work to be done and they want to meet up with us at the restaurant, so it'll be a party! Can't wait...!

So long.

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